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Painting Parties At Red Brick!


Everything is included so grab a friend and join in the fun!

Join us for a fun adventure in painting with Red Brick Gallery's Painting Parties.   You will learn the techniques to paint your own Acrylic painting, you can choose your own colors and add your own flair to your painting.  What makes our parties unique is that we all start with the same theme, but everyone's piece will turn out different, you really have a chance to make it your own!

Sand Dune Afternoon Friday, September 12th 6-8:30pm $39 each or 2 for $68

Learn to paint several layers in this fun party featuring a soft sky, distant ocean and shaded sand dunes with beach grass, birds and all.  You will create our own escape to the beach.





Technicolor Skies and Silhouettes Friday, September 26th 6-8:30pm $39 each or 2 for $68

Experience a colorful world as you learn to paint your own technicolor sky.  Paint a dramatic and dynamic sky full of colors with soft waters and bold silhouettes. 

Colorful Koi Friday, October 3rd 6-8:30pm  $39 each or 2 for $68

Koi are a symbol of luck and prosperity, learn to paint a fluid pond with a few of these iconic fish swimming.  You choose the combination of fish as you learn to paint these graceful creatures.  Fish templates will be provided to help you create their shape.

Click here to sign up or give us a call at 805-643-6400 to join in the fun.

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Private Parties for 12 - 40 people.

We are happy to organize a private party for a group of your friends or co-workers.  You can pick from a variety of our subjects and we will provide everything you need from the materials, location, and instruction.  Book early to reserve your party date. For more info click here

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