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Class Calendar

Open During Classes or By Appointment, please don't hesitate to give us a call 805-643-6400. 




Tuesday, February 20th 5:30-8:30pm

  • Ostrich and Hummingbirds Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins  (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Choose between the clowns of the big bird species, the ostrich.  Their silly expressions will make anyone smile and we will have fun as we portray their images. Or pick from one of the colorful and whimsical hummingbirds, with lots of flair and movement.


Saturday, February 24th 10am-1pm

  • Debi Wilson’s card-making class

$64 all supplies included

In this beginner card class Debi will amaze you as she teaches you how to create a variety of unique professional-looking cards.  The  focus in this class will be on papers and adhesives with demonstrations of some of the tools used as you accent your  4 pre-cut cards with a variety of embellishments and prepared materials.

Debbie has been making hand-made cards for over 20 years and has endless ideas on how to make your ideas come to life.



Sunday, February 25th 1-4pm

  • Paint Your Pet

$55 each, limited to 14 people

 Eventbrite - Pet Painting Party

You will learn to paint a whimsical semi-realistic painting of your pet in acrylics in this fun paint party.  You choose the image of their face and we will draw it on the canvas for you.  This will be a fun party of painting where Jen will guide you in painting your own acrylic.  You will create contours to give depth and add sparkle to their eye.  No Experience Needed and ALL supplies included.

Please send us the picture you would like to paint of you pet by Friday, so we can draw it on the canvas for you.

This is great for any pet Dog, Cat, Bird, Lama whatever Pet you choose.



Tuesday, February 27th 5:30-8:30pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Tall, peach colored and elegant, this bird is so beautiful and unique. We will paint  them feeding at the shore in their tropical home.



Wednesday, February 28th 6-9pm

  • Crab on a Dish in Colored Pencil with Icarus Board with Phil Zubiate (class link)
 $64 includes all supplies
With this drawing the class will use the Icarus board (a cold and hot system) to complete the crab using a blending of colors to achieve the effect of a rough and smooth surface on the crab. Where the plate (students will not draw) in the background is left in black and white to allow the crab to stand out, and when finished to have a realism look. The colored pencils used in the class are premier Prismacolor, a wax based pencil with very soft lead. First the colors will be applied on the paper on the cool side are put down loosely to cover the crab, then the magic begins, moving the paper (Canson Bristol-96 lb) to the heated side of the Icarus board they will melt and blend very easy and saturate the paper hiding the texture of the paper. The uniqueness of the Icarus board is you can explore with the color pencils and come out with a pastel, watercolor painting finish.




Saturday, March 3rd 10am-1pm

$57 includes all supplies

Capture this soft sunset landscapes with reflections of the mountain ranges, trees and European town.  Tasia will teach you how to create reflections, bold silhouettes and more in this fun class.



Saturday, March 3rd 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 w/ supplies

Some scenes seem simple yet are full of small elements that create a dynamic impact.  This class is all about creating a balanced painting with minimal colors that creates a calming effect.  You will learn to paint soft water movements and will create distance with simple color variations.



 Sunday, March 4th 1-4pm

  • Hummingbirds In Motion Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins  (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

We’ll take our art inspiration from one of nature’s smallest creatures that fly. Rarely will you see them sitting still, so we will re-create their fluttering movements as they fly freely in the air & we’ll paint them in the lustrous colors of the rainbow.



Tuesday, March 6th 5:30-8:30pm

  • The Lone Owl Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins  (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Always watching with those huge brown eyes, we rarely encounter this nocturnal bird but we will enjoy their company  through photos as we paint their feathered fluffiness..


Saturday, March 10th 10am - 1pm (class link)

  • Glass of Water Drawing with Phil Zubiate

$57 each includes all supplies

Pouring water in a glass, textures are always hard to draw and in this drawing I would like to show you how to draw a glass, water, and plastic bottle using just five pencils. I will show you how to keep track of refraction lines and curves where light bends inside the glass, bottle and water. We'll start with the major outlines and major refractions. We will use different pressures for the different suggested subtle shifts in value and very sharp points for the shadow areas and light pressure for the rim of the glass. Lastly adding a middle-value along the sides and base to give the contrast a finished touch.



Saturday, March 10th 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

From whites to dark reds we will create beautiful art with California Wines as the star of this class.  Along the journey we will use masking, spattering, wet-in-wet washes and lots of brilliant colors.



Sunday, March 11th 1-4pm

  • Liquid Acrylics, Inks, Pouring Liquids and Resin Acrylics with Jen Livia (class link)

$49 each or $70 with supplies

Eventbrite - Liquid Acrylics, Inks, Pouring Liquids and Resin with Jen

Learn to create a kaleidoscope of colors without brushstrokes in this fun class of random accidents and more.  We will combine fluid acrylics and inks in layers to create a soft background similar to a watercolor, we will then add layers of drips, streams of paint, pouring mediums and resin.  You will learn how to combing pouring mediums and self leveling gel with paint to create a variety of dirty pours, soft edge, hard edge and supreme pours.  Once the base is dry we will add other elements to make it come to life, choose from a variety of inspired pieces and have a blast in this slightly messy class.
Supplies Required for this class: 3-5 Golden Hi-Flow Acrylics, 1-2 Golden Hi-Flow Iridescent Colors, 1-3 Acrylic Inks, Liquitex Pouring Medium, Golden Self Leveling Gel and 3 canvases or canvas boards (any size).



Saturday, March 17th 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 with Supplies

Escape into this soft and soft seascape full of depth and layers.  Paint a serene layered tropical ocean garden with water reflections and coral just below the surface.  This class is all about the subtle stokes and layering of paint to capture this otherworldly escape.



Sunday, March 18th 11am-4pm

  • Glass Mosaic Pick Your Project Workshops For both Beginning and Intermediate Students

$120 each or 2 for $200 (class link)

In these classes you will create your own glass mosaic on a pre-cut 
wood board. Choose from over 25 
shapes to make your own or create a landscape on one of our square forms.  Some of the forms include dolphin, sea horse, sea shells, 
fish, butterfly, mirror, duck or turtle, surfboard, dragon fly and more . 
You will learn all the steps needed to create your desired stained 
glass mosaic and you will also learn how to incorporate designs 
within your mosaic to make it uniquely yours. You will leave the 
class with a finished piece ready to hang on your wall.



Sunday, March 25th 1-4pm

  • Mystical Mermaids in Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

The magical mystery of  mermaids always makes them a fun subject for painting.  We will create our mermaids in watercolors as they gaze out to the sea looking for their soulmate.



Sunday, March 25th 1-4pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Learn to paint a sea siren in this class of imagination and fanciful delight, we will paint a fun fanciful mermaid or surfer at the water.  Choose from a variety of mermaids or surfer pictures and make her your own. You will learn a variety of techniques to capture the environment and the mermaid/surfer.



Sat, March 31st 2-4pm

$39 or $68 for 2

Learn to capture a soft flowing ocean and a couple swimming jellies in this fun class of color and motion.  Choose your colors and style to match your personality with bold colors and dramatic contrast or soft colors and dreamy feeling.




Saturday, April 7th 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

We will be painting rain and people, you can either pick to paint one person or a whole group of people.  With both options you will learn to paint flowing water, splashes and people. We will provide samples and drawings to help you get the right shape for your people and umbrellas.  This class is all about exploring color and creating something fun.


Sunday, April 8th 2-5pm

$64 each includes all supplies

Spend the afternoon creating your own garden rock for a your own garden or as a gift.  Select one garden sized rock or two smaller rocks to create a fun creative piece.  You can create any pattern on the rock or covering the rock with hearts, animals, shells and more.  This is a fun and creative class and you will go home with a finished piece.



Saturday, April 14th 2-5pm

  • Spring Blooms in Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Capture the beauty of Spring and all of its colorful blooms in this fun freeing class in Watercolors.  You will learn how to free your painting style with loose flowers and will learn design elements that will build a strong bouquet.  You will also learn to paint translucent glass with water reflections.



Sunday, April 15th 3-5:30pmpm

$39 each includes your 1st Pint, Supplies and Instruction

Capture the Whales of the Spring that migrate off of our coast every year.  This Mother and Baby Humpback Whales are iconic singers of the sea.

Have a fun afternoon learning to paint your own unique Whale Painting in acrylics with Jen.  You will learn to paint a soft cloud filled sky, reflections of light shining in the ocean and the undersea world of a Humpback whale duo.  Templates will be provided to get the correct shape of your whale and Jen will teach you how to create the whale's skin texture and personality.  Choose from a variety of whale positions and sizes.

Jen will walk you through all of the steps needed to create your own acrylic painting and have fun making the piece your own.



Saturday, April 21st 10am-1pm

  • How to Paint a Sea of Translucent Waves in Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

You’ll learn how to capture the light shining through a translucent wave and how to paint an almost stained glass effect in your art.  The colors will be vivid  your finished painting will be breathtaking.




Sunday, April 22nd 1-4pm

  • Pick Your Subject or Bring Your Picture Acrylics with Jen Livia (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Choose from any of Jen's painting classes or bring your own inspiration and Jen will lead you to create your own piece of art.  Sometimes we know our schedules don't match up with yours so Jen wanted to offer her students a unique opportunity to create the painting they were wanting to make but missed the class.  Please email Jen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with what you would like to paint.   The sky is the limit, choose from a more traditional landscape to any animal to something more abstract, anything is possible in this class.



Saturday, April 28th 10am-2pm

$65 each or $80 with Supplies

Capture the changing light and dramatic sky as you learn to paint this Ventura sunset.  Marco will help you in learning where to place the light to create sun reflections and how to capture a fluffy sky filled with clouds.



Sunday, April 29th 1-4pm

  • Barn Babies in Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Capture the Barn Babies of Spring in this fun class about the littlest of creatures.  You will learn to create fuzzy ducks, chickens, pigs and more. 



Saturday, May 5th 2-5pm

  • Abstract Seashells with Linear Designs in Watercolors with Phyllis Gubins (class link)
$49 each or $64 with supplies

We will experiment with thin abstract shapes drawn with masking fluid to create interesting backgrounds for your shell art. 


Sunday, May 6th 1-4pm

  • Critters Class - Silly, Realistic and Colorful Animals of All Kinds Acrylics with Jen Livia (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Choose from any animal domestic, wild or whimsical and learn to paint your own critter in this fun class with Jen.  There are endless options and styles that you can explore in this fun class. You will learn to create contour shapes, shadows, light reflections and more as you paint their personality and environment.  You will learn how to paint feathers, fur, hair, skin and more - all the techniques to create your unique animal.


Saturday, May 12th 11am-4pm

  • Mosaic Landscapes and Scenes with Jen and Phyllis (class link)

$120 each or 2 for $200

Learn to create your own landscape, seascape or any type of scene in mosaics glass.  We will teach you how to compose your design into an interesting layout, pick colors that create a dynamic layout and how to transform your image into glass.  You can bring your own image to turn into a mosaic or pick from one of ours.  We have a variety of sunsets, waves, sea creatures, abstracts and more.  Choose to create your design around a mirror, on a rectangular form or circle. You will leave the 
class with a finished piece ready to hang on your wall.

Mosaics can be messy, so please don't wear your best outfit - or bring a shirt, smock or apron! Since this is a long class we suggest you bring a snack and something to drink.



Sun, May 13th 2-4pm

 $39 or $68 for 2

Capture the Spring with all of its color and the beauty of the season.  Choose from one of the many options with bold backgrounds and silhouette trees to Spring Cherry Blossoms to trees just beginning to bloom.  You can even add a whimsical touch with some birds or tire swing. Bring the whole family and and you can all make a different version of Spring.  This is a great afternoon with mom.  



Saturday, May 19th 2-5pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Explore how to paint clouds, in this class we will start several smaller paintings and paint a variety of skies.  Choose to focus on soft sunrises, vibrant sunsets, stormy dramatic skies, fluffy afternoons softness, or you can even choose a start filled night sky there are more skies to paint then you can imagine.  Pick which inspires you and start a few great pieces, this is a key element in creating a time of day in your painting.  You can choose to start several pieces or work on one from start to finish.


Sunday, May 20th 1-4pm

$49 each or $64 with supplies

We will create a local landscape scene of Ojai’s colorful and geometric  vineyards as we utilize several watercolor techniques.



Sunday, Junel 10th 3-5:30pmpm

  • Sand Dunes and the Sea Shore  Acrylics with Jen Livia (class link)

$49 each or $64 with supplies

Lean to paint depth and layers in this class all about the sea.  We will capture a wind blown seascape with layers of water, sky, dunes and sea grass.