Watercolor Supply List

The following is a list of materials for our watercolor workshops and classes.  Professional grade materials are always recommended.

Paper:  A cold pressed professional grade watercolor paper is necessary. Arches 140# individual sheets or blocks are preferred. There are several other quality watercolor papers to choose from. .

Palette:  A full-size watercolor palette with a lid is necessary. Please have your paints in your palette and ready to use when you arrive.

Brushes:  Please bring an assortment of round and flat brushes in a variety of sizes plus a rigger, a liner and a fan brush.

Paints:  We use & recommend professional grade tube watercolor paint as opposed to pan paint.  There are many quality brands.

This color list below is simply a guide. Do have a warm (yellow shade) and a cool (blue shade) color of each of the three primary colors plus any colors you especially enjoy.

We have listed possible choices plus a few extras.

  • Reds:   Cool:  Alizarin Crimson, Rose colors, Scarlet Lake, Quinacridone Red
  • Warm:  Cadmium, Scarlet, Vermillion, Permanent Red
  •  Blues:   Cool:  Maganese, Cobalt , Phthalo  
  • Warm:  Ultramarine, Cerulean , Prussian
  • Yellows:   Cool:  Lemon, Auroelin, Hansa, Cad Yellow Light, Bismuth
  • Warm:  Cadmium Yellow Medium, Gamboge, Indian,  Quinacridone Gold  Greens:  Cool: Viridian, Winsor Green  Warm:  Hooker’s, Sap green
  • Browns: Cool:  Burnt Umber and Warm:  Burnt Sienna, Quin Burnt Orange
  • Darks: Dioxazine Purple and Payne’s Grey or Indigo Blue
  • White Gouache: Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed Proof White in small jar (Optional, but very useful) or any titanium white tube watercolor.
  • Optional Impact colors can be any that spark your creativity such as Peacock, Coral, Orange, Opera, Teal, Turquoise, Cobalt Violet, Ultramarine Violet & Mauve

Misc: Masking tape and a waterproof board or surface to secure your paper is helpful.  Please bring anything else you feel you will need in class such as masking fluid, paper towels, Mr. Clean magic eraser, quilter’s water erasable pencils or Col-erase blue pencils, kneaded eraser, etc.  Red Brick Gallery supplies the water containers for class.

**You may rent all the needed supplies for $15 per class session.