Drawing Classes

Perfect Balance

Drawing with Phil Zubiate

Saturday, January 27th 10am - 1pm

$57 each includes all supplies

Each class the student will discover how to draw fun filled works of art that pop of your paper! The skills and techniques taught will help you to approach any new drawing project with confidence. The first class  will be to draw rocks stacked at the beach, we will learn about shapes, values, textures using just five pencils. Come out with friends, expand your drawing knowledge and always know that at the end of each class you will be amazed at what you have drawn.

Meet the artist and teacher
Phil Zubiate is a professional artist with over 40 years of experience in the commercial art world and now has started to teach art to help others enjoy the experience of drawing. His greatest strength is his ability to see shapes in the most difficult images and simplify the composition, making it fun, formative, and completely accessible for anyone to draw! His first love has always been drawing with pencils, the use of a 2H and HB pencil to sketch out the drawing lightly and once that is done the fun begins; filling in the  textures, shadows, and highlights.

Supplies Provided for Class
- Canson Bristal board, 2 sides - one smooth and the other more texture

- 5 Pencil method  -  2H, H, HB, 2B, 6B,
- Blending stump
- Kneaded erasure
- Pencil Shaperner